East Kyle to Rhubodach

The East Kyle, 22 May 2021
The East Kyle, 22 May 2021. (c) Janet Clapton
Map from Fetcheveryone route planner

The East Kyle is beautiful and easily accessible by road (and yacht!). Swimming in the East Kyle needs detailed knowledge of local tides and currents, especially around the tide gate near Colintraive. A guided swim and kayaking courses helped me do the sums to work out predicted tidal flows.

Colintraive church to Ardmaleish, Saturday 22 May 2021

Soon after the weather stopped being freezing, there was a lovely bright Saturday afternoon. The swim involved a compromise in the conditions – I knew there would be a lot of yachts about, but needed a lowish tide for my shorewalker. This made for a lot of shoulder-jarring strokes in the shallows, to keep out of the way of sailors who hadn’t had much practice during lockdown. One way distance: 4km

Bute Community Forest to Colintraive church, Monday 31 May 2021

A lovely still early morning, with a whisper of breeze just starting around 6am.
One way distance: 1.5km

Port Bannatyne green tank to Ardmaleish car park, Sunday 20 June 2021

An early morning swim to avoid boat traffic, but in the end I avoided crossing the boatyard entrance by making return trips from both sides. Unpleasant, dark, choppy conditions – not the most enjoyable swim, but it covered completely new coast for me. One way distance: 2.8km

Rhubodach Farm to below Colintraive church, Tuesday 22 June 2021

A magical late evening in midsummer. Nobody to share it with, except midges, geese, oystercatchers and boy racers on the Rhubodach road. The camera lens wasn’t clean so apologies for misty photo. This was nothing compared with my complete failure to film the midsummer sunset at Scarrel the previous evening …
One way distance: 1.6km

Looking towards Rhubodach Farm, 22 June 2021 (c) Janet Clapton
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