The East coast, Bogany Point to Kilchattan

A coast of Victorian charm – reminiscent of the Isle of Wight

Craigmore, 17 June 2021 (c) Janet Clapton
Map of East Coast swims from Fetcheveryone route planner

The East coast swims were not in sequence. The weather changed towards midsummer, from cool and breezy to hot and still, and also I moved house into Rothesay, which changed where I could get to in the mornings. I did enjoy the extra daylight relative to living in the South of England – and really took advantage of the pre-5am sunrises to get some great swims in before work.

Mount Stuart towards Bruchag, Saturday 12 June 2021

A 2km swim with Vicky towards the elusive Bruchag Point, on a slighly dull and choppy Saturday afternoon. Saw three or four vivid indigo jellyfish. And look at that seaweed! One way distance: 0.75km

Craigmore Tearoom Shelter to Ardencraig Road, Thursday 17 June 2021

A beautiful sunny morning to explore round the headland. Beware the circle of gulls at Bogany Point – or rather what’s welling up under them from the historic pumping station. One way distance: 1km

Ascog to Ardencraig Road, Friday 18 June 2021

Same lovely dawn weather, reverse direction this time for the outward trip back to Ardencraig Road. Had a seal for company; they usually rest on submerged rocks at Ascog. One way distance: 1.1km

Ascog to Kerrycroy, Saturday 19 June 2021

End of nice weather – choppy, windy and a bit challenging to get to Ascog. Joined by Jenny, who made better progress. One way distance: 2.4km

Kerrycroy to Scoulag Point, Thursday 24 June 2021

More greyness, but at least it was calm. Vicky met me at Kerrycroy.
One way distance: 1.1km

Scoulag Point to near Bruchag Point, Friday 25 June 2021

Double swim day. The morning involved walking to rocky Scoulag Point to fill in a gap towards Bruchag Point. One way distance: 1.3km

Near Bruchag Point to Kilchattan north side, Saturday 26 June 2021

Turned out to be quite a long and gruelling swim, which we should have cut down by walking further at the start and leaving earlier to catch a lower tide at Kilchattan. Currents at Kerrytonlia Point slowed us down, but at least there were playful seals to distract us – a large seal which swam straight at Vicky, and a smaller one that liked blowing seal snot bubbles at us. One way distance: 4km

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