The South coast – Kilchattan to Dunagoil

Wild and rugged – the coast of adventures

Glencallum Bay 12 July 2021 (c) John Nelson
Map of the South coast section, from Fetcheveryone route planner

From the lovely village of Kilchattan, the South coast section is wild and rugged. Even a calm day can bring very challenging swim conditions, combined with limited options to get out and walk.

Kilchattan Quay to Kilchattan bus terminus, Sunday 6 June 2021

One of those swims that was quite enjoyable but took some motivation to get to, as it was one of the furthest to ride to. There was a lot of litter on the shore near the Quay – luckily among the litter was an empty bin bag to put it all in.
One way distance: 1km

Kilchattan North side to Kilchattan South side of Quay, Monday 28 June 2021

An early morning dip, following on from a very summery Sunday at the wee bay.
One way distance: 1km

Glencallum Bay to Kilchattan bus terminus, Thursday 8 July 2021

We had planned to scout Kilchattan Bay on the previous Sunday, but weren’t able to do so in the end. So my shorewalker (Vicky) and I set off early on a cloudy Thursday morning, to walk the slightly challenging West Island Way path to Glencallum. After starting the swim at this rocky bay, I chose to press on with front crawl, to get round the lighthouse and away from the section of no shore access.
One way distance: 2.2km

Glencallum Bay to Dunagoil, Monday 12 July 2021

The big one – more than three hours swimming, 5km total – on a weeknight! We’d scrambled (with kayak and car support) for a perfect tide and weather window – indeed, the conditions were excellent. However, the current at Garroch Head didn’t quite work out as predicted, so there was a period when I was swimming but not making progress. Knowledgeable kayaker support and access to electrolyte drink really helped, and I rallied pace to finish at Dunagoil just after sunset.

This swim took about a week to recover from. One way distance: 5km

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